Deep River Bodyworks

We are a collective of advanced massage therapists with backgrounds in various movement practices. Visit us in our Ballard Massage studio in Seattle.

Bodywork that Meets Your Needs

Our focus is on you.   With a capacity for depth paired with extensive anatomical knowledge and sensitive listening, we are able to get to the places that hurt and bring relief.

Modalities we employ include Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point TherapyMyofascial Release , Thai Massage, Massage Cupping and Prenatal Massage. We have all worked in medical massage clinics dealing with pain management issues.

“Whether it's repetitive stress Chronic pain, injury, or a desire to improve athletic performance, we can help. Deep River Bodyworks has a therapist who is right for you.”

Meet our Therapists

The therapists at Deep River Bodyworks have powerful personal stories of physical challenges overcome through bodywork and physical practices.  All of our therapists have advanced training in anatomy and numerous massage modalities.

That is what makes the difference, a strong self-awareness and dedication to service create the unique quality that you will find at Deep River Bodyworks Ballard Massage practice.

Elizabeth Panelo

     After working with computers for several years, Elizabeth found a new challenge in massage therapy, with the body as the ultimate puzzle.  Her technique has been described as "theraputic pampering", thanks to a solid education in injury treatment, certification in Cupping Therapy and Thai Yoga Massage, studies in Tensegrity Medicine, mixed with her beginnings at a resort spa.  Since 2006 she has worked with a variety of clients, including minors, seniors, cancer patients, "desk jockys", and athletes, helping people overcome or manage chronic pain and injuries such as plantar fasciitis and whiplash.  Beyond relieving pain she wants her clients to walk away with a better understanding of thier own body.  She has taken multiple prenatal workshops and is a mother herself.  Another milestone was receiving cupping therapy which had the most profound effect on her own back and shoulders issues, (imbalances due to scoliosis) that she became certified to offer this service to clients.  She also studies dance, meditation, and neuroscience for fun.

MA # 00021705

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Our Ballard Location

Deep River Bodyworks Ballard massage practice is on the 4th floor of the Ballard Building, which has its entrance on Market Street. The building is secured at all times, so please check your confirmation email for the door code. We’re located in the most immediate left-hand hallway as you come off the elevator.  There is no reception so please have a seat in the waiting area.  Because there is no reception we often miss phone calls but we are prompt about returning them if you leave a message or text.

Looking for a last minute appointment? Text or Give us a call! We may have an unlisted opening.


We accept PIP and L&I claims but we do not bill health insurance.  However, some of our clients self bill their health insurance providers.  Check with your insurance company to find out if this is an option.

“Wow, best professional massage I've ever had.”

– EJ, Bellingham, WA –

“Excellent deep tissue work”

– Lindy B, Seattle, WA –