Brians Farewell

October 01, 2022
It's been an incredible ride, but...
The time of change at Deep River Bodyworks has come.
It has been a long standing vision of mine to be integrating my skills into a retreat center, to be doing the deeper work of guiding seekers through an extended experience away from the triggers of the lives we become so enmeshed in. Also i would like to expand my offerings and explore new roles.
A chance encounter and some synchronicity have lined up such that this vision is available to be fulfilled. And so I have been engaged lately in the process of letting go of the known to make room for something fresh and new. I have sold my home, my ski cabin in the cascades. It was not an easy thing to do. And now the hardest part: It is time for me to pass on Deep River Bodyworks to Elizabeth and embark on my journey.
I had a strong vision when I started Deep River Bodyworks nearly 10 years ago. It was for me to live a life aligned with my values and wants and for my clients to experience something closer (than is typically available) to the true potential of bodywork to change our lives for the better. I feel complete in this mission.
There are so many of you I'm going to miss seeing, so many memories in the 430 suite I'm leaving behind. I get a little teary thinking about it. It is going to be difficult to leave.
I am bound for San Pancho Mexico, a small town outside of Puerto Vallarta. I have been spending the last two winters in this region, the culture, slower pace of life, the surf, and the incredible wellness community there are all strong draws. I hope some of you will come visit, and I will be sending out a couple email blasts when Ocho, the retreat center that is currently being built, will be taking guests. There are going to be many different offerings there and we will have the ability to offer an incredible variety of healing modalities with some amazingly talented practitioners. I will still be doing bodywork but also will be leading group breathwork sessions.
Deep River Bodyworks will continue to exist with Elizabeth taking over the reigns. For those of you who have not seen her she is a super experienced deep tissue therapist with many modalities to offer, including prenatal massage.
It's been a great ride, thank you for making Deep River Bodyworks a success.
Brian Jose

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